Liquor Series Wax Melts

The Rackhouse
The rackhouse is a building to store whiskey in barrels during the aging process.
Portuguese Diesel
The Portuguese make their wine so strong it warrants this name.
Masterson's Office
Long days call for tobacco and coffee in the lawman's office.
Smoking Dutchess
She smokes with a brandy derived drink, cognac, in her hand.
Barbados Water
Old west slang for rum.
Kentucky Hug
That warm feeling you get when you drink bourbon made in Kentucky.
Liquor of Love
Amoretto is the liquor of love.
Bonnhoefer Brandy
"Bean farmer" and a brandy derived drink, cognac.
Giggle Water
A 1920's slang for alcohol, this one is butterrum.
Jesus Juice
Because he turned water into wine.
Liquid Courage
Whiskey makes us 10' tall and bulletproof!
Berry Cordial
Blackberry cordial is a Civil War era patented medicine that was said to cure about anything.
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